Product Features


Product Vision: For users in all regions of the world, who want to achieve barrier-free communication and social interaction, Flala can meet the needs of these users. Unlike other platforms, Flala's green and healthy friendship model can develop more sustainably and in line with the company's "services". The vision and mission of "Global" and "Happy Family" help users gain social fun.


Intelligent Recommendation

Intelligent matching algorithm, quickly recommend nearby singles,Interact online anytime, anywhere, waiting for you to bravely say hi~

Video Chat

High-value online friends, 1v1 video chat, online dating,Meet offline, accompany you warmly, and listen carefully.




Square dynamics

A gathering place for interesting souls,Check the dynamics of nearby single friends at any time, share life moments, and start a journey of fate


Reply In Seconds

AI intelligent algorithm, millions of users are online at the same time,Reject the news and meet your Mr. Right!




Real Users

Real person certification, 24-hour strict review, sincere treatment,You Are the One.

Massive Recommendation

According to the user's selected language, location, gender, etc., quickly recommend nearby active users to match in seconds, Interact online anytime, anywhere