What Is Social Media
01 Jan

What Is Social Media

Social - The word itself has both "social" and "social" meanings. But both "social media" and "social media" emphasize the social impact of social media, such as its social The ability of employees, the ability of enterprise marketing, etc. have less attention to their own characteristics. And "social media" embodies its characteristics based on writing, sharing, evaluating, discussing and communicating on the basis of social interaction.
It is related to its characteristics of both social interaction and media function. In addition, in the process of the widespread dissemination of the film "socialmnetwork", its title "Social Network" has been widely recognized. also in In Hong Kong and Taiwan, social media is also commonly translated as social media.

Social media (socil media) is a general term for network platforms and network applications that allow Kawado to create personal files, generate personalized content, share and disseminate information based on Web 2.0 technology. due to social Social media has both media attributes and social attributes, and their appearance has brought significant changes to people's ways of acquiring information and communicating. The media attributes of social media are mainly reflected in User Generated Content (UGC), that is, the content in social media (such as status, log photos, videos, etc.) is created or copied by social media users, and can be accessed through social media.Share and disseminate via social media.

The social attributes of social media are mainly reflected in the user connection relationship, that is, social media is user-centered, and relies on the connection relationship established between users to conduct online social communication, sharing and dissemination of UGC. Kaplan and Hacnlein used media richness (low/medium/high) to reflect the strength of social media attributes, and self-presentation (low/high) to reflect the strength of social media attributes.